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After teaching many many employees how to prep and ship products for online sellers we think its time to share the wealth of knowledge that comes with the day to day operations of a Third Party Prep Company or as we are  known to Most Online Sellers Selltec Prep and Ship.

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We provide the information that we wish we had when we started 

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How to start your own prep center

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Software to increase productivity and giving you an advantage over the competition 

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Montana’s Premier full service  prep and ship company. 

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I’ve been wanting to start my own prep company for over a year now. However, I never had the guts to start, because I wasn’t sure how to approach it or what to do. Kristal’s mentorship was priceless. I’m well on my way to growing my business and making a lot of clients happy!

Thanks, Kristal!

Alexas Brighton, 35

After trying and failing to find someone to guide me to start my own prep & ship company, I found Kristal and Prep Company 101. I joined right away, not even knowing what to expect. She blew my mind. She is really dedicated to helping her students win big. I couldn’t imagine ever running a company with 10 staff members without her mentorship! 

Mary Peterson, 28

I heard about Kristal and her company ( through the media. I immediately reached out to her, asking her to become my mentor. When she told me that she is actually mentoring people, I couldn’t believe my luck. I joined Prep Company 101 the next day. Right now I service 10 amazon sellers and I’m scaling my business faster than I could have ever anticipated.

Mike Borntrager, 42

My Story

First thing I ever purchased online was in 2000. Then 14 Years later I started selling on ebay in late 2004. With the help of may of the online coaches you know today helping me along my way.  We branched ito selling on Amazon in 2009. Then wanting to expand even further we started looking for a prep center in 2014. 

We didn’t find one that would fit our needs. Knowing that we quite certainly couldn’t be the only ones that were in this position we started in early 2015. After a lot of encouragement from our mentors, and 5 years of prep service under our belt we are finally offering everything we have learned to you.